GULLIVER - 3D Stereoscopic Movie

Chennai based 2d /3d animation company Pentamedia Graphics Ltd, who have created 7 animated movies and 7 live action movies, is all set for a new film release in summer 2013 – and for the first time with a 3D stereoscopic movie – “Gulliver and the Lilliputs”. Though many cel animated/ live action/ 2d animation movies based on Gulliver have already been released, Pentamedia’s Gulliver 2013, comes in a new 3d look – a complete performance capture Computer Graphics movie. This 3d animated movie is directed by Anita Udeep, a seasoned director, professionally trained in Hollywood and who has already in her kitty, a few animated and live action feature films done not only for the domestic but also for the international market. This animation movie with the latest technology is sure to capture the digital minds and creative minds of all age groups. Looking through the anaglyph 3D glasses, Pentamedia’s 3D Spectacular is indeed going to be a voyage of interesting and exciting moments.

Pentamedia is thankful to all the 3d animators, modellers, riggers, texturing artists, creative artists, pre-production artists, post-production artists and all the technical artists who have been instrumental in completing this movie in a short period of time. This movie will definitely be a great inspiration for viscom students and graduates who would like to build a career in the animation industry.

Pentamedia Summer Release 2013

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