About Pentamedia

Pentafour Software and Exports (PSEL) incorporated in May 1976 manufactured and traded consumer durables and electronic items and also rendered consultancy services in project finance and administration.

During 1999-2000, the company hived off its business software segment, which included overseas operation. To reflect its business after restructuring, the company decided to change the name from “PENTAFOUR SOFTWARE” to “PENTAMEDIA GRAPHICS” with approval as on 24.01.2000.

Pentamedia Graphics headquartered in India, worked in conjunction with its production houses in Manila and Singapore, had expertise in Films/Broadcasting, Video, CD/DVD & Internet Entertainment. The creative hub for all these production activities was Pentamedia's Digital Imaging Center, with SGI workstations, Tic Tac Toon, etc.

The New Millennium TV called numtv started in Dec 1999 was the first Internet Live Broadcasting TV. Num TV targeted the NRI’s in Asia, Europe & US. It had a registered viewer base of 2,00,000 viewers. It had webcasted 17 live TV channels from India.

In 2001, Pentamedia acquired Media Dreams the live action and television arm, that developed software for television and motion pictures, distributes films & TV content and also handled media marketing. The key driving force had been new innovations in the technology of content delivery. However, the main essence had always been entertainment. It acquired Mayajaal in the themed space and Kris.Srikkanth Sports & Entertainment (KSSEL) in the sports space.

Pentamedia Graphics Limited being pioneers in the Indian Animation Technology has currently started up the animation training center. Which venture into the field of animation (both 2D and 3D), special effects and gaming. The training center has also got future plans of starting up course in various fields of sound engineering, graphic designing and a lot more.

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Our Vision

There who see the invisible do the impossible


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