Corporate Governance

Company's Philosophy on Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance philosophy of the Company rests on the pillars of integrity, accountability, equity, transparency and environmental responsibility and is committed to achieve the highest standards of Corporate Governance in all its activities and processes. The Company adheres to good corporate practices and is constantly striving to improve them and adopt the best practices.

Corporate Governance refers to the manner, in which a Company is directed, and the laws and customs affecting that direction. The Corporate Governance structure specifies the relationship and the distribution of rights & responsibilities among primarily three groups of participants' viz., the Board of Directors, Managers and Shareholders. This system spells out the rules and procedures for making decisions on Corporate Affairs; it also provides the structure through which the Company objectives are set, as well as the means of attaining and monitoring the performance of those objectives.

The Company is in compliance with all the requirements of the Corporate Governance code as enshrined in Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement.


Corporate Governance Report for the Quarter Ended 30th June,2016

Corporate Governance Report for the Quarter Ended 30th September,2016

Corporate Governance Report for the Quarter Ended 31st December, 2016

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