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Do you want to see the Power of Creativitiy and Imagination!

Pentamedia - Leader in Multimedia Training

PentaMascot_TrainingPENTAMEDIA has been training students in 3D animation, visual effects, and multimedia since 1993. It is a division of Pentafour, a leading software solutions provider. The company also has a production facility which works on game development, design visualization, and animation, and in fact, the training center grew out of the shortage of trained professionals in this field.

More than 3000 candidates and out of these more than 2500 have been placed in various companies. Pentamedia graduates work all over the world.

When you join Pentamedia for a program in multimedia you can expect to get a solid academic grounding from your course - as well as rigorous hands-on experience when you make your own animation movies or recreate famous multimedia works.

When you finish your course you will be able to create websites and multimedia presentations that stand out from the crowd - and get results for your clients.

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Feature Film: Alibaba

Feature Film: Buddha

Feature Film: Sinbad

Feature Film:Jai vigneshwara

Feature Film: Pandavas

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